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Chelsi Johnson
History 1301
November 16, 2013
1) A) The Constitution of the United States was created by the people of the United States to help govern the country and set certain rights for all. The document went into effect March 4, 1789. It was written in Philadelphia and James Maddison is known to be the “father of the Constitution” even though a group had written the document. It was made after the previous document, the Articles of Confederation, had been proved to have many flaws and failed to govern the country. Slavery was a practice brought about after indentured servitude had seen its end. Slavery was brought about by white Americans enslaving Africans. They would work for them, and receive no pay for their efforts. Slavery was inside the borders of the United States from the 1600s to the 1800s. It helped change America by bringing in a more diverse group of people. B) Federalist were people who were in favor of National banks, tariffs, and the Government having a good control over the people. They wanted the Government to have a tight control over the people, so that the Government could in a sense “protect” them better. Federalist became on the rise in the late 18th Century and lasted till the early 19th Century. They were a political group formed in America to help bring about people who had similar interests in the Government. They helped give their voice on different matters inside the U.S., and helped form the country. C) Anti-Federalist were people who were against “federalism” and wanted the Government to have as little control as possible in the lives of the people. They became during the Constitution ratification during the 1700s and went against Federalist who believed the opposite of what they did. Anti-Federalist continued to rally on, fearing that is the Government had too much control; they would go back to being under a rule similar to British rule. They were located in America, and protested to the American Government whenever they seemed to grow to close into the business of the normal people.
A) The Louisiana Purchase was a land purchase for America made by Thomas Jefferson in 1803. The purchase helped expand American further west, bringing about the belief of Manifest Destiney. America paid France fifty million dollars in order to gain control of territory that would later on become the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The purchase gave America more places to settle, and more land to cover but the fear of slavery spreading became apparent in the North. Many hoped these new states would not become slave states, but free states. America became interested in the land quite some time before the purchase from wanting to expand. With the purchase of the land, this helped make that interest a reality. B) The Tail of Tears was brought about by Andrew Jackson as a part of Jacksonian Democracy. This event occurred after the Indian Removal Act of 1830 when a grand number of Native American tribes were forced to leave their homes and travel to reservations located in present day Oklahoma. Many died along the way from starvation, illness, exposure, exhaustion, and dehydration. Americans feared the Native Americans to be savages, and often quarreled with them over land and religion. Few Americans actually diverged in relationships with the Natives, since most religions found them to be barbaric and sinful. The Trail of Tears relocated them to a reserved set of land, to help ensure their old land would be free to use and to live without the fear to attack. C) The Irish and German immigration occurred during the 1800s as America opened its doors. Many immigrants were slaves or workers, working long and hard hours to provide for their families. Irish and German immigrants had fewer rights than the current Americans, and many were treated badly, though not as badly as African Americans. These immigrants came over looking for work, and for a better life