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CFO Intervention with Individuals and Small Group

CFO Intervention Analytic Paper
Michelle Feliz
CPCS UMass Boston HUMCTR 320-1

Abstract I as a volunteer worked in the program: Career Family Opportunity (CFO) is CWU’s The Women’s Union and Crittenton, Inc. CFO groundbreaking pilot program that helps single parents achieve economic independence. This pioneering five-year initiative allows program participants to create personalized plans that will lead to a stable future for themselves and their families.

Intervention with Individuals and Small Group Papers
Introduction: The description of the program, I performed my internship in working with individuals and small groups: Career Family Opportunity takes a comprehensive and personalized approach. The program recognize each person brings a unique set of experiences, accomplishments, needs, and challenges to his or her journey to economic self-sufficiency. Program participants map out their individual education, career, and financial goals. Along the way, the program provides ongoing support and financial incentives and connects participants to the resources and professional help they need.

Career Family Opportunity (CFO) is an innovative pilot program developed by CWU to provide intensive supportive services over 60 months to a small number of low-income subsidized housing residents to assist in their journey towards economic independence. CFO was built on the premise that getting out of poverty is a process where one has to maximize decision making and optimize the resources and knowledge around a variety of factors, such as family stabilization and supports, education and training, financial literacy and knowledge, career literacy and knowledge, etc. CWU also acknowledges the pathway from poverty to economic independence is an individual pathway with a unique set of barriers and challenges as well as opportunities and strengths. Therefore, CFO offers participants peer support, group training and education, as well as intensive individual mentoring to navigate the complex pathways

Program’s Mission and Vision
Crittenton Women's Union transforms the course of low-income women's lives so that they can attain economic independence and create better futures for themselves and their families. CFO accomplish this by: * Providing safe housing, caring supports, education, and training programs; * Innovating new programmatic designs based on research and client experience; * Using this knowledge and experience to shape public policy and achieve social change.
CWU will be the strongest nonprofit organization promoting women's economic independence in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It will be: * The "go-to" organization for the provision of women's education, training, case-management and supported housing by both public and private funders across the state; * One of the most credible and authoritative voices in the nation regarding women's self-sufficiency; * A routine innovator of new programs and public policy solutions addressing obstacles to women's economic independence; * An organization whose program alumnae are eagerly sought after as tenants, neighbors, students, participative parents, employees as well as leaders in their communities

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