Self-harm struggles Essay examples

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“I’m so sick of myself”… This phrase is the basic common mindset in teens nowadays. Self-hate and self-harm are on the rise in today’s society but despite how common it is to feel this way there is a stigma attached to any form of self-harm. Many people are uncomfortable or confused by the idea that there are people who are willing to hurt themselves in order to feel better. It is understandable; it does seem like a twisted logic. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be acknowledged and talked about as a growing problem. Yes, there are a ton of people who are comfortable and open about self-harm but the majority of people seem to shy away from the morbidity. It seems that if most people do talk about it they label it as “crazy”, “weak”, and “selfish”. Even if one thinks these acts of self-harm are crazy they still must be talked about in an understanding matter in order to help those suffering from them. Due to the labels and stigma attached to self-harm children and teens are becoming more and more reluctant to ask for help. The response to self-harm has caused children to see the potential help as a way to be judged and neglected. Many of those engaging in self-injurious behaviors have reported the hospitals they are tossed into as “the equivalent to jail”. The setting in the hospital for those engaging in self-harm is very structured and isolated from the real world. Most responses when it comes to self-harm involve anger, fear, confusion, and lashing out and have in turn created a sense of being judged harshly and negatively. These uneducated, misunderstood responses tend to scare self-harmers into silence. Although, this is a problem on the rise it is easily helped. The easiest way to help this cause is to start by taking threats seriously. If someone who is struggling with self-harm comes to you for help, listen to what they have to say and support them. Educate yourself on the struggle of