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I have a dream to no longer be self-conscious about myself. Every day millions of teenagers go to school feeling upset about the way they are and look. I wish I could change that because the feeling is terrible and self-consciousness puts you down when you try to do your best. Not being confident about the way you look happens a lot and can bring your self-esteem down. It causes you not to stand out and interact with others; it makes you feel embarrassed about the way you look. Being self-conscious doesn't allow you to be who you really are because you are constantly trying to fix yourself for others. Most times it makes you feel like you have to be the best version of yourself and be perfect all the time. A lot of times you start to compare yourself to others and convince yourself that you can be pretty unless you look like them. What doesn't help is that others constantly bring your self-esteem down and it makes you feel unwanted. You wish everyone would think you're pretty and to be popular but it can't happen because of the way society is today.
Studies show that 61% of teenage girls admit to talking badly about themselves. This means that more than half of the population of teenage girls struggle with self-confidence. A lot of girls who struggle with that either end up doing damage to their bodies because of it, such as self-harm. Low self-esteem is said to be a thinking disorder. Girls admit that it is harder to feel good in school since they are not confident with