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Azreil Rahman’s Self Portrait

I have never been called beautiful externally. Since birth, I have often channeled my self-esteem with the judgements of the world around me. Being beautiful was the only thing I wanted to be because of television, magazines, music, internet, and everyday society had effect me. Looking in the mirror and not being satisfied with who I am was me. The girl who listened to old music from centuries ago, loving to read and write on her free time, enjoying the simple things in life like rivers, lakes, mountains and etc. and seeks joy in school and family time and more was the girl I didn’t want to accept. From perming my thick curly kinky hair, to listening to the music that was “cool”, or dressing and pretending to look like a reflection of others was allowing the change to define me. For years I sat and asked myself the big question; Who am I? My Mother Sabrina Johnson told me that I am like a grandma. In her words, she quotes, “You are a young girl with an old soul.” She explains to me that it is sort of unique to be so young and have a passion for history. Listening to old music and loving their hairstyles and clothing was really amusing to her.She felt concerned when I started to change that side of me that she loved the most. My Father Sheikh Rahman says that I am very knowledgable. He adores the way I never stop reading or looking at the news. He quotes, “ You always was a curious child, wanting to explore and know more on subject matters like the world. Having intelligent conversations with adults and elders was most shocking to me.” He also quote,” Never let anybody take what’s so special about you away from you.” My Sister Ajia Rahman said I am infinity. She tells me the reason why I am is because the love that her and I share will always be special. The bond between us will never be broken. God has chosen me for her to laugh, love, and play with. No one will ever have an adorable friendship like her and I. She quotes,” It is simply beautiful.”
My sister poem wrote to me on my thirteenth birthday,
From childhood, it seems I knew that I had my best friend in you,the one who has grown with me through the years, shared my joys and cried my tears. My cherished sister whose heart is my own, I love you more than you have ever known. My Aunt Julius Lee told me that I am uplifting. I can always make someone smile just with the warmth of my humbled heart. Lighting up everyones spirit when they’re having a bad day. I am the one they can call on to get a good laughter, or give a big hug and tell them it’s going to be okay. The worrying about others more than myself is what makes me such a good person to her. She quotes, “That is the