Senior Community Observation Paper

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I’ve been to a few nursing homes because I took gerontology classes that required students to volunteer at the nursing home or assisted living and tour some of the facilities. I volunteered at the St. Benedict’s Senior Community. St. Benedict’s Senior Community provided exceptional services, health care, and senior housing options. Their purpose was to provide a full continuum of cares that covers emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical wellness of senior. I learned that the name of St. Benedict’s senior community came from a woman named Benedict. In addition, I would like to talk about what I see, how I feel about the place and residents, and what did I learn from working with the residents.
During observation, RN, LPN, CNA,
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However, I saw two residents that were lonely, isolating, and they were barely to join the activity. They always stayed in their room looking through the window. I guess they were missing their family. St. Benedict’s Senior Community had the chapel in the building so that the residents can join the prayer service after bingo game. I saw they held funeral service in the chapel once and everyone wore black. They had Benedict Court too. St. Benedict was a nice place compared to other facilities that I’ve visited. Most of majority in St. Benedict’s senior community were white women. I saw only a few men during bingo games or special …show more content…
It was the best feeling seeing them happy and in a good health. Whenever, I went there, I always got a friendly smile from the residents. I was surprised that some of the residents recognize me. I enjoyed doing fun activities with the residents and building relationship with them. I felt like they need us to help fulfill their needs. Some of the residents were very independent. Every time when I visited the place, I felt welcoming because every staffs and residents were