Developing Self and Others Essay

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Section 1: Know how to identify development needs
Assessment Criteria (AC)
AC1.1 Identify your own learning style(s) and the learning style(s) of another member of the team.
AC1.2 Using a simple technique for identifying own development needs and the development needs of another member of the team.
AC1.3 Identify potential barriers to learning
AC1.4 Explain how barriers to learning can be overcome
Section 2 Know how to develop self and others to achieve organisational objectives
AC2.1 Briefly analyse learning/development options to meet need(s) of self and another member of the team
AC2.2 Identify support mechanisms for the development of self and another member of the team
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Academic and peer reviewed journal subscriptions would help.
Interview training: Practical interview skills training to enhance confidence at higher level interviews and how to plan and present myself appropriately for interview.
AC 1.3 Identify potential barriers to learning
Potential barriers to learning are listed below.
Learning Styles: Both myself and my colleague are Reflectors in the Honey and Mumford LSI. We may have difficulty with activities such as role play or leading discussions. If learning was presented in the activist style which we both scored least in, we would find it challenging. For example, I would find role playing at interview skills training challenging.
Financial Constraints: The Trust is cash releasing at present and training is not priority therefore the funding for courses or journal subscriptions may not be available.
Time /Excessive workloads: In this period of cash releasing cover is not always available for vacant posts putting extra pressure on the rest of the team. If working in pressured teams with deadlines and little flexibility then it may be impossible to get released for training.
Motivation: if individuals lack motivation chances are they will not identify opportunities for growth or push themselves forward. This could be because they lack confidence, fear of failure, personal issues, stagnation in the workplace