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Jenny Kim
HBM 494
Tongxiao Shan
Service Diary Assignment
Location:San Bruno,California
Organization:Howard Johnson Express Inn
Details: After getting to the airport I suddenly realized I lost my ipad which I just brought at the room. and I was about to aboard in one hour and a half. I went back and ask the receptionist whether he had find a ipad left in my room. Finally I found it.
Comments: I am grateful for his help. First of all, He asked me where I might left my ipad and help me to check the room. Then without hesitation, he went with me to check the room. At last we find it enclosed by plastic bag in the maid’s cleaning cart.
Analysis: The receptionist remains professional. He guide me to remind in which place my ipad is most possible left. When we get room, It is obvious that the room I just check out is swept but not get it all clean. After checking over the whole room, he help me found my ipad in the cleaning cart that settled in the hall way. Maid maybe didn’t report my loss in time yet but she put a n label on the plastic bag. So it turns out she is not willing to steel it. I think the both staffs follow the rules on dealing with lost and found situation, and appear polite and patient. The only flaw is that normally maid don’t talk to manager or receptionist until they clean the whole check-out rooms, or even worse, they just take it away. It needs to be noticed in management.

Date:Summer 2013
Details: I withdrew a piece of fake paper money from ATM because it was too soft to distinguish