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Running Head: SERVICE DOGS

Running Head: SERVICE DOGS Service
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The person who needs assistance because of blindness will usually live on site with their dog for several weeks, however Canine Companions for Independence otherwise known as CCI, do things in a different manner. The CCI will work with the person to determine if a properly trained dog can provide assistance. (Moore, 1995-1996) Then the dog, owner and trainer will work together to help the new owner with commands. There are many ways for owners to receive training, but the best way that will almost always work is when the dog and the new owner are paired and suited for each other.

Running Head: SERVICE DOGS Service dogs are a very important part of our community. These dogs are not only good for the person they help, but they also are very good member of society. Service dogs also bring a great awareness that they are in great need to those in the community. This type of volunteer work can bring our community together with one common goal in mind to treat all people as God would treat us. These dogs