Service Request: SR-RM-022 Final

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Service Request SR-rm-022 Final
Sharon Foreman, PhD.
Trisha Carter

Service Request Part 1
With having plastic manufacturer facilities in areas such as China, Michigan, and Georgia; Riordan Manufacturing has produced annual earnings over forty six million. Riordan also has a research and development department over in San Jose California. Riordan Industries are the sole owner of Riordan Manufacturing and they are one of the Fortune 1000 enterprises with their worth being more than one billion. With having facilities in areas all over the US and even China, Riordan proves that they are a successful business.
Key Stakeholders
CEO Dr. Michael Riordan is one key stakeholders within the company who is also the founder
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The reports can easily be sorted, filtered, and generated for the layout desired. An employee’s manager can request change submissions where requests can be entered into the system for a later time. All departments and training records can be imported from saved files from Excel and which also be able to be entered with the web portal. For open positions, applicant information can be accessed by recruiters. On each applicants profile their resumes will be attached and accessible through the web portal. Managers will have access to employee timesheets and files that will be integrated through the proposed system. Individual compensation decisions, salary surveys, and results of job analysis will be entered by the compensation manager. All of the complaints, grievances, and harassment complaints and so on can be entered using the web portal.
Information System Architecture
The nonfunctional requirements such as miscellaneous cosmetic features and manufacturer begins with the architecture design. The operational requirement can specify the operating environment in which the system will operate. Reliability, availability, capacity, and system speed are all focused on the performance requirements. To protect the information system from a total loss, security requirements are put in place. To protect the information system the following can be implemented; system value,