Riordan Manufacturing: SR-Rm-022, Part 1

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Riordan Manufacturing: SR-rm-022, Part 1

Riordan Manufacturing: SR-rm-022 - Part 1
Hugh McCauley, the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, wants to combine the existing variety of tools in use into a single integrated application. This company would like to take an advantage of the more sophisticated state of the art information systems technology that already existed in the human resources department
This paper will describe some of the key stakeholders or stakeholder groups in Riordan Manufacturing who may provide requirements for the service request, explain some techniques to gather information that are used during proposed projects, identify some factors that are necessary to ensure that the information that are required for the project is gathered successfully, define the scope of the project by specifying business functions that will be included in the project, and describe the project’s operational, technical, and economic feasibility areas that are examined in the systems development life cycle’s analysis phase summary.

Key Stakeholders
Riordan Manufacturing has many stakeholders and most of its stakeholders that would remain influential to the change process would gain the focus and those who can directly use the new system are also given importance. The stakeholders of the firm include CEO Michael Riordan, Executive Assistant Jan McCall, SVP-RD Kenneth Collins, COO Hugh McCauley, VP international operations Charles Williamson and the IT service managers. Furthermore, before the input and revisions as per the information gathering steps are finalized, the individual users of the final app will be consulted for advice.

Information Gathering Techniques
When developing a plan it is important to gather information from various sources to ensure the project efficiently performs it’s preferred job. To begin the information gathering process key management personnel must be consulted with IT staff and other users to talk about the project. Through this conference, they will go over any topics and questions as well as invite comments and acknowledge concerns and ideas. By generating this open dialog, which will last through the duration of the project, they will be able to better comprehend what the corporation needs to improve the superiority of its employee’s jobs. Another method that they would use to gather information for this project is by conducting interviews. By interviewing selected individuals, they would be able to gain a clear grasp of what works best for the company currently and what can be done to improve the functions of the company’s human resources department. After the information is collected, documented, and studied, designing a system for Riordan Manufacturing can begin. The design method that would be used for Riordan Manufacturing would involve the use of Joint Application Development. Joint Application Development is a process used in the prototyping life cycle area of the Dynamic Systems Development Method to collect business requirements while developing new information systems for a company. Through the Joint Application Development workshops the knowledge workers and IT specialists are able to resolve any difficulties or differences between the two parties regarding the new information system. The workshop follows a detailed agenda in order to guarantee that all uncertainties between parties are covered and to help prevent any miscommunications. Miscommunications can carry far more serious repercussions if not addressed until later on in the process. Participants in this method would include users, managers, sponsors, and systems analysts. Allowing these participants to have a voice in determining what the company needs for improvement is essential as they can provide the most vital information on what is needed to improve the process of the company.

Key Factors Required for Project Success
After gathering information, different milestones have been set to track the progress towards the