sex and gender studies Essay

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This study guide will help you prepare for the test but it does not guarantee that you will get an A.

I may forget to put material on the study guide that will appear on the test; however this guide covers the vast majority of material on the test. Know how to differentiate these concepts from each other and apply them to solve problems. Hone your knowledge by answering the questions below.

According to evolutionary psychologists, why are there psychological gender differences?
How are evolutionary psychological explanations of gender difference similar to social role theory explanations? How are they different?
What is natural selection? Intersexual selection? Intrasexual selection?
How do men and women differ in jealousy, according to evolutionary psychology?
What are the criticisms of the evolutionary psychology approach to gender differences?
According to evo psych, what concerns to women and men have when selecting a mate? How are those concerns different?
How do hormonal fluctuations impact mate selection for women?
What are androgens and estrogens?
How does ovulation/estrogens impact performance/behavior?
How does testosterone impact performance/behavior?
Be able to describe the characteristics of the intersex conditions we discussed in class.
Why can we not always extrapolate from rodent studies to people?
What gender differences do we see in brain research?
Freud would say that gender differences emerge during what stage of development?
What are some criticisms of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory?
How did the Neo-Freudians alter or add to Freud’s original ideas?
What claims are made by social constructivists regarding gender?
What are the differences between equality feminism and difference/cultural feminism?
How do commercials that portray traditional vs. nontraditional women impact viewers?
How do gendered media affect adults and children?
According to cognitive