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Did you know that more than 750,000 US teenage girls between the ages fifteen and nineteen become pregnant ever year? Eighty percent of these pregnancies were accidental and unplanned. Many of these unintended teen pregnancies could have been prevented if sex education was taught throughout school curriculum. Sex education should be taught throughout school for the common good of the teen population. This topic should be taught because it can prepare the students at an early age and warn them the consequences and results of sexual behavior and activity. Also, sex education taught by the school may be the only education a student is receiving on that subject. It should also be taught because it can lead to a stronger conversation between kids and their parents after it is taught.

Sexual education informs students the consequences of sex and teaches children at a young age how to be safe when involving themselves in sexual activity. Why teach children about sex at such an early age? Statistics show that children are engaging in sexual intercourse at ages that are becoming lower and lower. In 2007, a study showed that sixty-three percent of children are having sex before they reach their senior year in high school. (SOURCE) Instructors of the sex education course mainly teach their students about abstinence, the dangers of STD’s and pregnancy and how to deal with the peer pressure of sex. Eighty one percent of the public opinions agree that these topics should be taught. (SOURCE) While abstinence is many adults desired choice for their children, the decision ultimately lies in the hands of the child. In this case, sex education would present other options to children. Such as different methods of birth control and the options that they leave the children with. In Memphis during 2011, sixteen year-old teenage mom Terrika from Frayser High school in Memphis 2011 wished that her school would’ve had a better education system regarding sex. She said, ”They need to have a class where they can teach girls before they get pregnant to use protection and stuff.” (SOURCE) Many of the teens that become pregnant aren’t always aware of how to be safe because they are never taught how to.

Sexual education should also be taught at high schools because it may be the only type of safe education that a child is receiving about that subject. Many parents do not talk or teach their child about sex because it is not a subject they feel comfortable talking to their children about. While the communication between students and parents about sex may be weak due to the parents’ lack of incentive, it is also due to the hesitation by children. Eighty- three percent of teens do not talk to their parents about sex because they are afraid of the reaction they might get from them. As well as the fact that they worry that their parents are going to think they are having sex just because they are asking questions about it. One of the biggest reasons that children are not communicating with their parents about sex is because they don’t know how to bring the topic up. (SOURCE) Children often feel more comfortable learning and talking about sex education from someone that they aren’t related to or close to, such as a teacher. They shouldn’t have to stress about wanting to learn about a subject that is surrounded by them every day. Everyday, children are exposed to something related to sex. Whether in a book or magazine or on a social networking website. So instead of children learning the false information, wouldn’t you rather them learn thecorrect information from a credible source? Finally parents do not want to talk to their children about sex because they are worried that if their children know more about it, they will be more influenced to