Sex Trafficking Essay

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Sex Trafficking

Involuntary servitude is what comes to mind when thinking about human sex trafficking. It is against human rights and unfortunately this a rising issue in today’s society. The definition of sex trafficking is when a person is forced to have sexual intercourse and the money is paid to the human trafficker. Mental and physical abuse is often used by the sex trafficker to control the victims. More often people are killed or die from contracting a sexual transmitted disease.
Women and girls are more commonly used for sex exploitation. The trafficker usually will target a poverty stricken area to coerced or trick females into this type of situation. There is an increase every year of human sex trafficking and 98% are women and girls that are taken away from their home. At least 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude, forced labor and bonded labor. (International Labour Organization, ILO global estimate of forced labour: results and methodology (2012) p. 13). Forcing these people against their rights is out their control and logically speaking they have no more freedom until they can escape or try to be saved. The rights to bodily integrity, equality, dignity, health, and security are being violated and tortured. The crime rates are increasing tremendously and the issue is not going to go away. Increasing in adult rates and minor rates are not going to go anywhere if this situation is not look at in a more serious way. Buying and selling of humans, a crime of virtual immortality. Japan is a country known for serene gardens and Buddhist temples. However a horrific secret of human sex trafficking is rising at an alarming rate in this country.
In the country of Japan there are several businesses that support the idea of selling human beings for money. Japan is home to 10,000 commercial sex establishments and Filipinas accounts for over half of the 15,000 to 20,000 foreign women and girls trafficked into the country each year. (Devine, S. (2007) Poverty Fuels Trafficking to Japan. Herizon, 20(3), 18- 22. Japan is also multicultural in which this keeps the business going smoothly and rapidly growing every day.
Women are kept in a state of powerlessness, and they are traded from one area to another because the men of the country like to see a variety of faces and not the same women and girls. The women and young girls that are taken to Japan have no idea what is about to happen. When the powerful men of the country say follow them they have no choice but to follow the rules that the men have instructed. The men that are over the women allow