Sexism In The Color Purple

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The issue of sexism allows women to reflect on themselves and overcome their disadvantages in life even if they must stand up for themselves and change the way we see them in society. In the Novel “The Color Purple”, the author Alice Walker, uses common examples of gender roles to present a sexist setting. Walker expresses the feelings of the female characters who are mistreated by men . Celie the main character in the novel, a young African- American female who struggles with happiness in her life , was sexually abused by her step-father and later sold to a man by the name of Mr. After being sold to Mr., Celie had became a maid in his household cooking, cleaning, and looking after his children. Celie has suffered so many dramatic events …show more content…
However, Shug Avery is judged by many especially her father because of her sexuality and multiple affairs. Shug Avery plays a big role in Celie’s life setting her free from her unhappy lifestyle and allowing her to see beyond life’s obstacles. Ever Since Shug Avery became a famous blues singer, her father, a pastor; constantly denies her because he feels as though she is a sinner and has forgot about God. However towards, the end of The Color Purple, Shug Avery proves to her father that she is more than just a blues singer have love for God in their hearts and rebuilds a connection with her father.

Based on the examples I have provided, I can conclude that the job of a woman in the 1930’s of rural Georgia was not an easy task and that the discrimination women faced for being a female made them stronger and independent. Women used sexism as a way to reflect and reconstruct their lives so they could pursue their dreams and overcome their disadvantages towards men. All three female characters, Celie, Sofia and Shug Avery faced mistreatment from men and escaped into