Sexualization In Lyrics Of Popular Music

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1. Belkin, Lisa. “Sex, and Kids, and Rock and Roll.” September 28,2011 The New York Times.
Although this particular article has to do with parenting and inspiration to attempt to control ones own children, this is a perfect example of what music has become today. Women have indeed been regarded as sexual “play things” in many other genres of music. 80’s rock started demoralizing woman and has driven teenagers to be more sexually driven in all of their actions. Technology has prevented parents to keep up with the expansion of the negative effects of music.
2. Hall, Cougar, P. West, Joshua H. Hill, Shane. “Sexualization in Lyrics of Popular Music from 1959 to 2009: implications for Sexuality Educators” Sexuality and Culture. June 2012.
Proven with statistics, we can see that sexuality in song lyrics has increased dramatically over the past 50 years. The sexuality in lyrics affects the people that listen to it and could change the sexual actions that they do. This is posed into juxtaposition with sexual educators. Whereas they try to promote healthy adolescent sexual development and everyday music is a constant barrier for such things to be possible.
3. McDonald, Mark. “Freedom Rock? Not In China” August 27, 2012 The New York Times.
This article shows that some countries worldwide