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Share this About Sports Golf Fitness and Health for Golfers

Golf Fitness
Exercises, Stretches and Information for Golf Fitness Programs
By Brent Kelley
Golf Expert
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Golf fitness. Two words you might not believe go together if you've seen too many beer-bellied guys riding in carts. But golf fitness is important for those golfers who truly want to improve their games - and who want to improve their physical abilities. Because golf fitness means addressing issues of strength, flexibility and balance. Paying attention to golf fitness can improve your scores.

Also listed here are informational articles on the benefits of golf and other issues relating to golf as a physical activity.
Pro golfer Geoff Ogilvy of Australia stretching - Michael Dodge/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Michael Dodge/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
• Guess What? Golf Is Good For You
This article discusses a scientific study that attempted to quantify how many calories are burned and how many miles are walked during a round of golf. The study also looked at how walking vs. riding - and how carrying your own bag vs. using a push cart or caddie - impacts the golfer's score. More »
Biodex Wellness Exercise Balance & Mobility exercise for CCRC senior wellness programs.
Tips for Golfers Over 65 The #1 Reason the Average Golfer Can't Hit it 200+ Yards
• Walking Golf - Why Walking Rather than Riding Can Help Your Health and Score

Similar in focus to the first article, but more of a general look at the benefits of walking when playing golf, as opposed to riding in a cart. Many golf organizations push walking not just for its health benefits, but because it's better for golf courses and - many argue - better for the game overall. More » golf fitness - Perform Better Golf, Inc.
Perform Better Golf, Inc.
• Golf Exercises
There are quite a few articles on our site that describe and demonstrate specific exercises that you can do to work on your golf fitness. This page lists exercises that target muscles specific to golf. More »
Hotside Crossfit Strength and Conditioning Call for a free fitness session!
4 veggies to never eat: Cut down a bit of stomach fat every day by never eating these 4 foods.
Openers Lower Back Exercise - Photo courtesy BioForceGolf, Inc.; used with permission
Photo courtesy BioForceGolf, Inc.; used with permission
• Golf Stretching

The Golf Stretching hub and Golf Exercises hub have some overlap, but the articles listed on the Golf Stretching page focus on exercises geared more toward flexibility, as opposed to strength. They also include some stretches you can do at the golf course. Speaking of which ... More » golf fitness - Illustration by Moki Kokoris; Reprinted with Permission from Doctor Divot Publishing, Inc.
Illustration by Moki Kokoris; Reprinted with Permission from Doctor Divot Publishing, Inc.
• Head-to-Toe Stretches for Your Golf Warmup

This article prescribes a simple stretching routine that you can do on the driving range or even on the first tee, something quick and easy to get your body…