Short Story: The Story Of Life

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X-ray Flashback

X-ray tried to look but it wasn’t worth it. There was no way he would ever be able to see it. The memories came flooding back. Rex had woken up earlier that morning. He never used to be a bad kid. In fact, he was a straight A student, who in most classes was the teacher’s pet. If you haven’t realised already Rex used to live a pretty normal life.

He lived at home with his mother, Stacey, and his adorable dog, Delilah. His father had left when he was only 10. Rex never knew why his dad left. All he knew was that one day he came home from school and his dad wasn’t there. Not that it made a difference when his dad was there. All he did was work. Rex tried to convince himself that he was over it and had moved on. Everyone expected him that of now that he was 15. Rex started to find school boring and that it was more interesting if he mucked up. All of his old friends left him. They didn’t want to get in trouble. So he went and found new friends. His new group of friends were sooooo nice to him but little did he know they were never what they seemed. They were definitely the wrong group of kids. They started convincing, Rex into doing things he didn’t want to do. It started off little like stealing 5th graders lunch money, and then got bigger and bigger into things like robbing shops on the weekend. One day Rex and his gang decided to steal some money from a convenience store. Rex broke in, grabbed the money and tried to escape but the shopkeeper had locked the door. So Rex grabbed the closest thing to him and smashed the window. He thought he felt something sharp in his eyes and it hurt him to blink but he brushed it off. As the others climbed out the window Rex took a good hard look at himself and thought “What am I doing?” He decided to give the money back.