Short Story This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona

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Every fictional story all have their own unique themes that are portrayed differently throughout the text. Writers who compose fictional stories doesn’t just write without a reason, but actually, have a bigger purpose to it. It's not just fiction, but any piece of literature all have a message that the writer wants to get across to the reader. Writers use symbolism in their writing to indicate ideas and qualities that are different from their literal meaning. In the short story “This is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona” it portrays a variety of symbolism. The word “Phoenix” in the title is a place in Arizona, but also a type of bird from the mythology that was reborn from its own ashes which symbolize eternity and rebirth. Even though Victor's father has passed away he still lives on in Victor’s memories. Also when Thomas decided to toss …show more content…
In this story, Victor is a character who always run from his past or from things that he doesn’t really want to face. The Journey to Arizona had not only help him grow to know more about himself, his father and Thomas but also forced him to face the outcomes of the situation that he has avoided throughout his life. Victor and Thomas got into a fistfight when Victor was drunk and beat Thomas up for no reason. Victor and Thomas weren't even friends anymore but when Victor needed help Thomas was alway there for him and willing to help solve his problem. For instance, the journey to Arizona had nothing to do with Thomas but he was willing to give money to Victor and for giving him company by going with him on the trip. Towards the end of the story Victor had changed from what he was in the beginning he realized that his past actions has hurt Thomas and decided to say sorry to him. When Thomas ask Victor to do him a favor which was to listen to one of his stories and Victor