Short Term Suspension Case Study

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Due Process for Short and Long-Term Suspensions

School Suspensions has became a very important topic in the last decade, there are many questions about this particular discipline process that is being administer all across the United States. Through this brief essay I will explain the policies of the Gadsden School District #32 on School Suspensions and we will make a comparison between this policies and the policy used to Goss v. Lopez (1975) Due Process Requirements for Short-Term Suspension

Gadsden School District #32 policies on Short –Term Suspension states, a student is suspended out of school for a period of one to ten days for class one, two and three violations. It depends of the type of violations the student cause, to decide how many days he/she will be suspended. There are many types of violations in the category of short-term suspension most of the violation falls into class three violations. Class two violations include: fighting, possession of fireworks, pornography, class disruption, cheating, inappropriate language, inappropriate touching, excessive referrals, intimidating or threatening other students, damaging school property and theft. Class one violations include: class disruption, excessive absences or tardies; truancy; and rough play. Parents will be notice about the decision the principal and administrators had made,
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“The Fourteen Amendment forbids the State to deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process law” -Amendment XIV, Section