Should Stay At-Home Moms Get A Salary From The Government?

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Should stay- at- home moms get a salary from the government? Thesis: I believe stay- at- home moms shouldn't get a salary from the government. I believe this countries government is helping enough by providing free schooling, protection, and even provides EBT for those who need assistance buying food and even cash assistance for those who don't have a good enough salary to maintain their household.

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This article states that stay- at- home mom: Ann Romney, would be making $112,000 a year for just staying at home and taking care of her children as well as doing how duties.

A website called asks thousands of stay- at- home moms to complete a servey of the things they do at home to draw a compensation, this year it pulled out to be 112,962 a year. (Romney would probably end up earning more since she was raising a family of five boys)

Ann Crittenden, author of "The Price of Motherhood," said she was saddened when she heard that a woman set off the controversy pitting working women against stay- at- home moms. She also stated that instead of bickering over others comments, Republicans and Democrats can show their support for stay- at- home moms to choose that route.

"Today, men I've talked to and men responding to the comments online seem to equally incensed that anyone would suggest that raising five children is not "work" said Leslie Morgan Steiner.

Some people are quick to judge what a mothers job is like, they think that raising kids and taking care of the house isn't stressful enough when you have to balance an actual paying job as well.

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This article is about a stay- at- home who tells her story of what it is like to be a mother who stays at home taking care of her kids, and doing her motherly duties. She complains about not being able to