Should the Islamic Face Veil Be Banned? Essay

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Tarzra Jones
Period 4/ AP Lang
Ms. Roos
February 1, 2010

Why the Islamic Face veil should not banned

There has been debates about whether the Islamic face veil should be banned in countries. The arguments that governments of countries that have banned the Muslim face veil (France, Syria, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium) argue that the full-face veil is oppressive, degrading towards women, and goes against values of each country. However, many Muslim women believe otherwise and strongly disagree with the banning of the veil. I strongly believe that the Islamic face veil should not be banned because it is a complete violation of religious and expressive freedom and forces them to conform to an alternative culture. France decided
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Even Muslim leaders fear that tensions would develop by the five to six million Muslims living in the environment of France, which is the biggest Islamic community in Europe (Aljazeera). Since France has banned the veil, there were boycotts upon the situation in France about the vote and the ban of the Islamic face veil. The ban prohibited Muslims from wearing the Muslim full face veil in public places. If a person was caught wearing the veil, that person would be fined $190 or be ordered to attend a ?citizenship class (Aljazeera). This proves that the ban on the full face veil is very unfair and proves that the government is violating the freedom of expression and religion towards the Muslims. However, the decision of the ban has to deal with the President of France, President Sarkozy as well. President Sarkozy proposed the banning of the bill and he has had skepticism about whether it it was the right choice or not. Due to the decision of the banning by President Sarkozy, he started to receive harsh and cruel comments. He actually asked his Prime Minister to come up with a solution to the banning issue. The presidents of the national assembly and senate had to ask him for time since this was such a critical issue: “This is a sensitive issue. We need time to come up with a solid text that everyone will agree on.” President Sarkozy's decision to ban the Muslim full face veils coincides with the fact that the ban is in complete violation to the freedom of expression