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Submit to any Student Enrolment Services office ( Approval expires five business days after the latest Instructor’s, Dean’s or Registrar’s signature. We may contact you via your Kwantlen email address while processing this request. Office of the Registrar form.

Student Information
Student ID


Phone Number

Course(s) (subject & number)

Section(s) and CRN

Reason (please explain your request)

Term & Year

Student Signature

Permission Type (initial all that apply)
Late Registration


Allow student to late register:
After the first week of classes. Instructor signature is required.
After the third week of classes (20% of the course). Instructor and Dean signatures are required.
After the eighth week of classes (50% of the course). Instructor, Dean, and Registrar signatures are required. Allow student to register or enroll in a course even if prerequisites or co-requisites are not known, or are
PREQ waived. Instructor signature is required. Note that enrolment is not guaranteed if the course is full.
Allow student to register in two sections that have a time conflict. Instructor of each section signature is

Time Conflict

TIME required.
Allow student to take a seat regardless of their program, or major. (Waive program and major restrictions).


PROG Instructor and Chair/Dean signature is required.
Allow student to take a reserved seat if space is available. Instructor and