Significant Educational Experience

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Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced.

As a low-income student of color, my family's socioeconomic class limited me to living in an unfavorable suburb in Southeast Los Angeles. A significant amount of inadequate ramifications came along with living in Huntington Park, such as the underprivileged schools. After completing middle school, I became conscious of my educational imbalance. I was able to detect the massive, incompetent levels of teaching methods that were being taught to me. I had to do all that was necessary to propel my educational studies to the same level as individuals that come from affluent communities. The most feasible solution in alleviating the educational
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I grew up in a household that did not allow me to exert and utilize my ability to speak Spanish. The reality that I am Mexican and did not grow up speaking Spanish made it difficult to have a connection with my Mexican culture and establish an identity that was unique to me. I didn't know which culture to empathize with, the American or Mexican culture.

During my first Spanish class, I struggled intensely. The difficulty of learning a new language that was so close, yet distant from my identity, frustrated me, however, it aided me to persevere. Speaking in front of my peers was very strenuous for me, I feared humiliation and disapproval. My lack of confidence and proficiency in writing, reading and speaking Spanish kept me distraught. I was one of the few students in my class that was not selected to advance to take AP Spanish, however it made me strive for a spot in AP Spanish the following year.
During summer vacation, I watched various telenovelas with my parents, which allowed me to bond and further improve my relationship with them and better familiarize myself with the language and Mexican