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Singapore Fact Sheet The invasion into Malaya:
On the 8th of December 1941 the Japanese invasion force consisting of the 5th and the 18th divisions invaded the Malaya peninsula at Khota Baru. After sinking the English Battleship
Called Prince of Wales and battle cruiser called Repulse they advanced down the Malaya peninsula despite opposition from English, Indian and Australian troops. The australian troops were from the 8th division under the command of General Gordon Bennatt. By mid January
1942 the Japanese had reached the straits of Johore and were preparing to attack Singapore.

Invasion of Singapore:
At 20:30 on the 8th of February 1942 the Japanese attacked Singapore from the north west in an area defended by the Australian 22nd Brigade under brigadier Harold Taylor. The high command thought the attack would come from the north east area of the island. It had also been assumed that any invasion of singapore would come from the sea therefore most of the defences were orientated in that direction. There were many large guns situated on the island but had been placed with a seaborne invasion in mind. Although the guns were turned around and fired at the Japanese they used shells designed to sink ships and not high explosive and were largely ineffective. Singapore was described especially by Winston Churchill as an impregnable fortress but this was far from the truth. After fierce fighting the Japanese pushed the defenders back to the perimeter of the city. At 5:15 pm on the 15th of February 1942
General Percival the commanding officer surrendered to the Japanese. General Gordon
Bennatt escaped from Singapore and returned to Australia. He assumed that he would be given a command back in Australia but he was ostracised and never had another field command. Place/Country:
The battle took place in Malaysia/Singapore.


The enemy was the Japanese.…