Slavery In America Research Paper

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Slavery is a common thread throughout the entire world and has been for many years. When most people hear about slavery, they immediately think of the slavery that took place in America. The brutality that took place in America and the lingering effects that slavery has on black people in America today make it hard to forget. The slavery that took place in Britain though is often brushed over because it was not as intense as it was in America. Slavery in America and Britain have many differences, but they are alike in many ways. When talking about slavery, it is important to look at the origins of slavery. In Britain, slavery started in 1555 when the first slaves were brought over from Africa. In America, slavery started in 1619 when a ship brought over 20 …show more content…
So when America broke free from Britain, the culture of slavery was already engraved in their society. In each country, the treatment of slaves differed but also held many similarities. In each country slaves were treated poorly and often beaten, abused and mistreated. In Britain, the slaves were mostly kept in the Caribbean and not on British soil. All of their slaves were kept in America. Britain's main use of slavery was to trade and sell them for money, while in America slaves were used in forced labor to make the slave owners more money. In both Britain and America, slaves were not treated as human and did not have human rights. One main difference between the treatment of slaves in America and in Britain is the use of chattel slavery. Chattel slavery is the treatment of slaves as property and not as people. In Britain chattel slavery was non-existent. The slaves brought in from Africa could not be forced to leave Britain and be re-enslaved in America, which was still the colonies at the time. In America though, Britain was still fully finding slavery and allowing the slaves to be treated as