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Running head: African American History


African-American history
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ENG 122: English Composition II
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August 7, 2014

African-American history


African American History

Their have been many historical events in the past that play an important influence on how we live today. It is a wise saying that history repeats itself where it is the event that gets repeated with different faces and same actions. History plays a vital role in our lives with all the work that is carried out in our daily lives. It is due to history that man has come to know about the findings of the fact and investigate on the matters of evolution. Although there are many events in history that are highlighted but
American African history is quite reputed event owing to the happenings.

**The origin:** **History and Discrimination.**

The African American history in the United States of America takes common people back to over five hundred years that describe the progressive developments within the society since the Africans entered the United States of America. Africans when migrated to the United States of America had faced many problems as told by many historians among which, the most common trend among the Americans was to judge Africans on the basis of racism. It was a direct violation of human rights at so many levels when Africans were not given proper right of freedom and had been disgraced in many areas of profession. The Africans that had migrated seemed to have little to no worth as they were mistreated and humiliated by Americans that by nature got Africans to be aggressive. As a reason of fighting for rights, many Africans got falsely manipulated and accused by Americans leading their aggression to trigger. It is important to watch that the Africans who had set foot to America with firm basis to look for a bright future or at least make a living ease had been humiliated to such an extent that Africans were left no far from begging as a result of denial from various areas of living. It seemed that the Americans quite enjoyed to what seems like the moral abuse of Africans and had pride in doing so. They were the main slaves who had been captured during the African colonial amount. They were subjected to operating within the cotton plantations and different farm plantations.

History reveals about the many mistreatments done by the United States of America who should have accepted the different race at large rather than turning it down and accusing them for all the bad and criminal things that have been done mostly by Americans. The African women were brutally kidnapped by American men who would keep them to their selves for days and make her suffer through various kinds of physical abuse until her spirit to living fails and ultimately death becomes her escape. Similar actions took place in men but they were not kept kidnapped to their selves rather their masculinity kept them surviving and not lose faith over life. The African women were solely kept as maids and were not even allowed to sit over for supper with regular Americans. The maids or nanny took care of the kids of the Americans with affection of being their own kids as well as performed household chores with great efficiency.

Throughout the years, African slaves were endured with undesirable and harsh conditions that they had been forced to. Slavery and racism had reached to its peak by that era and Africans had nowhere else to go. This led to an automatic aggression for the Americans by the Africans that had caused many
Africans to lose their lives against the brutality of Americans. There is no denying from the fact that it is not only horrible act but moreover, the law abiding agencies along with other facilities of the country had gone biased just like the rest of the citizens and arrested many Africans for not abiding to what they were forced to.

Slavery and