Slavery In The Atlantic World

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Slavery in the Atlantic World was a dark time in our history. It was a time when African Americans were slaves and we were killing them off because of money and greed. The life of a slave was harsh and brutal, But the worst part about it is other humans our ancestors were the ones who were doing this to them. Without them we would have no world like we do today they were the driving force for the new world also know as north america. African slavery had its ups and downs of course there were problems like the fact that there were getting worked until they die but without them we wouldn't have the world we live in today. All this took place around the time of the Atlantic world which is thought of as a dark time in our past by many peoples. …show more content…
But first you may be asking why didn't they use all of the criminals and people who did bad things that are in jail well they didn't want to do this to their own people because they believed in Christianity and no Christians can be treated like this but this wasn't good enough to justify what they were doing with the African Americans because some of them would become Christians and they didn't want to lose their power and riches so they came up with skin color as a justification for their act they said that they are black therefore god intended them to them for the good of the whites and that the blacks are just something that they can use because they are different therefore they were a mistake that the Europeans could …show more content…
They were worth a good bit of money but the European figure out that if they would get them to stay alive about three years that they could make their money back that why life expectancy wasn't longer than five years in some places of the Americas. If their owners didn't feel like feeding them they didn't have too and if they wanted to kill one of them they could with no faults but it wasn't that smart killing the people who make you money. But if they killed one they could buy another one. This was the first known slavery with zero rights for the slaves so it is known as the worst slavery in the world. It was very hard for slaves to run away as well before the indentures could run away and blend in as part of society but when you look nothing like the whites then it's hard to blend in this meant keeping them under control was easy because if they would run away they could find them easily and kill them or torture them to make it so they wouldn't run away again.
The use of slaves was a very important part of the life in the Americas without them we wouldn't have the money that we have or power in the world. The slaves made the whites rich and the whites wanted more money to get more rich so they pushed out the Indians until they were almost no more. The Americas was controlled by the whites and built by the blacks. African Americans hated whites