Creative Writing: Time To Go To Australia

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Time to go to AUSTRAILA : part 1

Thank you – D – UNIT

I was doing my homework when someone has messaged me on my Samsung note 3.

To Mi Young
Did you remember that tomorrow we are going to Australia tomorrow??
From Min Hee
To Min Hee
Ohh, I forgot about it. Where should we meet and what time????
But we should meet at someone’s place then we go all together
From Mi Young
To Mi Young
Maybe we should meet at my place.
I will talk to EXO oppa’s and see what they say
From Min Hee

To Min Hee
Text me what do they say
From Mi Young

I put down my phone and gone back to homework and putting my head phone back on.
After a few more minutes someone tapped me on my shoulder. I looked back and saw oppa. I smiled at him and took off my head
“oppa. What did you come and see me for?” He said on my bed looking around since I have put a lot of kpop poster on like d unit, exo, 100%, teentop and other groups
“Did you talk to umma and appa that you are going to the trip to Australia?” “Oh no. I completely forgot about it” I got up and yelled out to umma and appa. I run down to the living room and saw them watching TV and looking at me blankly. I smiled at them and ran to appa’s side. “Ummm. Appa, umma. I would like your permission if you can let go to Australia just for 3 weeks???” “Of cause.” Said appa and umma. When I gave them all of the information about the trip, what