Sleep Deprivation Proposal

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Sleeping is a critical aspect of one’s health, as it affects a person’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, due to heavy workload, lack of time to achieve all desired tasks, and other factors that make people, especially teenagers, sleep late at night. As a result, sleep deprivation has been known to be an apparent issue, not only in small local communities, but also around the world. Determined to solve this problem, our group will confirm this issue through a series of steps, making the Miriam College High School (MCHS) community its target sample.
Moreover, through our process, we will be able to discover how common sleep deprivation is among the school’s students. To be more specific, we will first ask
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Spread full knowledge of the severity of sleep deprivation and its effects to Miriam College High School Students
2. Provide tips to the students, with the help of the guest speaker, in order to improve their sleeping habits
3. Spread awareness of our integrity as forms of creation, since we must take care of ourselves and our bodies The project focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional effects of sleep deprivation, making these three aspects the foundation of the questions from both surveys. Furthermore, the surveys to be conducted are open to 40 people per batch, in order to easily gather data from a large sample size. Lastly, the talk, which will last for 45 minutes to an hour, can hold more than 50, but less than 150 MCHS students, due to the capacity of the venue, which will be in the school’s Library Media Center Viewing Rooms 1&2 (LMC VRs 1&2).


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Through the first survey, we will be able to confirm the physical, mental, and emotional effects of sleep deprivation, which is one of our main objective for the plan. Furthermore, the number of talk attendees serves as quantitative data, in order to determine how many students are willing to learn more about sleep deprivation and how to prevent it. Also, these attendees will answer the post-survey, which will determine how much the talk has been effective for