Slope and Attention Essay

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4th Quarter Writing Assignment

Dear Luis D’gyves; Eight grade math class is no different from 7th grade math. In my opinion it is somewhat harder than 7th grade math, but then again lots of things are very hard for me. You will struggle in some parts if you didn’t pay attention your 7th grade year because lots of things we learned this year were based on 7th grade equations just in another form. You will also need to pay lots of attention at the formulas because they are very important this year. Basically you will get started with easy math problems and lessons. You will just ace everything in the 1st quarter of the year. It mostly involves solving linear equations and using properties of real numbers, which are extremely easy. But I suggest for you to still study and do your homework or else you might not understand it. It is also important for you to pay attention in class. Yes, the lessons might be easy, but it is best for you the pay attention for the extra help. Once the 1st quarter is over you will need to pay very close attention to what the teacher is saying. It is still easy, but you will start to learn about formulas and steps on how to solve a problem. It will also help you in the next two quarters. You might start to have a hard time once you start on the hard problems, but with practice it will start to get very easy for you. You