Essay about Smallpox: Infectious Disease and Social Health

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Small Pox Infectious diseases are diseases transmitted only by a specific kind of contact. Some infectious diseases are Ebola, Smallpox, Black Death and Swine Flu. The smallpox is very contagious and is not related to the chickenpox. Smallpox is a very serious illness caused by a virus called the variola. Smallpox has been wiped out. The last case of smallpox that was diagnosed was on October 26 1977. Vaccine isn’t given because nobody has had the disease for many years. Smallpox is a contagious virus because it normally spreads from contract with infected persons. Generally, direct and fairly prolonged face-to-face contract. The majority of patients recover, but death may occur. Smallpox affected the peoples physical, mental, and social in many ways. Smallpox affected their social health. Social health is the equality of your relationships with friends, family, teachers, etc. You can’t have any contract with people. People wouldn’t be able to go to work to keep other people save. People couldn’t get their education, for the fact that they don’t want to get other people sick. Smallpox could cause depression and a big impact in many people lives. Not only is the people’s social health affected but also their mental and emotional health. Is the ability to recognize reality and cope with the demands of daily life. People often notice the emotional effects of stress. Tiredness of being indoors to save other peoples lives. Another area of health that is affected by smallpox is their body physically. Physical health refers to the way body functions. Smallpox begins with high fever, head and body aches. A rash follows that