Smart Growth Community Essay

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Living a healthy lifestyle is the biggest concern in creating a smart growth community in Malaysia. Towards building the community, the involvement of landscape architects who are capable and skillful in varies of aspects such as planning and designing is one the needs in visualising a smart growth community into reality. But through the process of creating it, there are few challenges that landscape architects in Malaysia should face and as for making it into reality, landscape architects need to overcome problems and challenges towards building a smart growth community in Malaysia.

1. Introduction

Urbanization, globalization and the spread of materialism have provided an opportunity for landscape
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Make sure that the community is intimately involved in the process of Smart Growth

4. Reference cases of Smart Growth Community.

1. Reference case 1: In Penang, Malaysia

This reference case takes place at northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is Penang Malaysia. The case is about Strategising urban planning in Penang. In this context, excessive land use has been widespread in Penang area. Therefore, government put an effort in strategized planning to reduce the issue.

The smart growth urban planning and transportation was one of the many recommendations to reduce the urban sprawl affecting Penang. The smart growth concept been used towards Penang by considering Penang island’s urban pattern. Proper development has been channelled to Georgetown and other selected urban centres such as Jelutong, Bayan Lepas and Butterworth. Urban hierarchy system adopted, state structure plans and district local plans are developed to ensure the sustainability of urban growth nationwide.

The smart growth concept focuses on growth in the city centre to avoid urban sprawl and advocates compact, transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle friendly land use, including mixed use development with a range of housing choices. This growth management, expand