Technology In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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Most people have a smartphone, and a lot of people do not leave their house without it. When we walk through the hallways to class at least half of the students are on their phones. With their faces in the bright screens the students will miss what is going on around them. As technology grows so will the dependency people have on it. People will not know how to do things by themselves. They will lose creativity and individuality. Face to face interactions will dwindle to nothing. A negative effect that technology has on people is how dependent they are on technology. The effect technology has on people will lead them to not know how to do things by themselves. In Sherry Turkle’s article “The Flight From Conversation” she writes that “‘...I’d …show more content…
In the book Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury writes “...there a wall between him and Mildred...Literally not just one wall but, so far three” (Bradbury 41). Sometimes it can seem like there is disconnection between people when they have their devices on and they are using them. For example two people could be sitting together at a restaurant without talking at all. Instead of talking they have their devices on and blocking the other one out. Turkle states “‘...I’d like to learn how to have a conversation’” (Turkle). Some people understand that face-to-face conversations are fading away but are not doing anything to stop the problem. Studies have shown that a majority of people do not know how to have normal and friendly conversations. One reason could be that they are just used to being on screens instead of being with other people. But an easy solution to this could be to spend more time talking to friends and family. In the article “Social media’s pings, plings and rings becoming as ubiquitous as the gratification they promise” Deborah Petersen claims “‘ are here, but you are not here’” (Peterson). Just because someone is in a room with someone else does not mean they are “there.” They could be obsessively checking their phone or staring at another device.When someone does this it can be annoying because the device would be inhibiting any conversation. Without a device in their hands people can get easily be part of the world around them. But with a device it is hard to be a constant part of the community. Face-to-face interaction is slipping away as an effect of