Smoking Areas Essay

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At times I imagine that smoking must be highly ranked in the list of controversial habits. While that might make a good piece for a future research, let’s just keep it to how it feels to be a smoker. When one first thinks about the feeling, the hazards that are so publicized overtake it and rule over a feeling that gets so many refreshed and self-fulfilled. Obviously, as I can personally recall, the first puff leads to burning throat and lungs and you might even cough, gag or vomit. Many people including some of my smoker friends may argue different when asked. Smoking may appear fun but it carries with itself so many misgivings. The number one enemy to smoking has to be everyone around me, not even the environment we all care about so much. I mean, some my friends, classmates and often even total strangers often encourage me to stop the habit. Not that I am the type that is constantly blowing smoke at everyone, coughing all the time or even getting out of class every few minutes to take a puff. They just seem to have taken what the media and most non-smokers say about smoking and made it the gospel. Fortunately, some of my friends appreciate the fact I generally smoke in private and that I try my best to limit the number of cigarette joints I smoke each day. I also didn’t smoke until I reached the age of eighteen and since then I have never been in trouble with authorities because of smoking. My parents also have a big opinion in my new habit, but considering my dad is a smoker himself, the advice I get from him is slightly different. He insists on how he always wished that I would not take up smoking since it is as he calls it, “a lifetime bondage” and takes time to teach me how to avoid addiction and various smoking etiquettes that he considers essential. Well, despite how he often jokes that possibly smoking just runs in our bloodline, I have to say he gives enough good reasons to want to stop smoking someday. He often narrates to me how he has unsuccessfully tried to quit and the approximate amounts of cash the habit has cost him. However, my mum is way on the other side and hates our smoking habits. The