Snack industry in Hong Kong Essay

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1) Executive Summary
2) Objective
3) Mission
4) Marketing Objective
5) Key to Success
6) Company Summary
7) Company Ownership
8) Management Summary
9) Industry Analysis – Porter’s Five force
9.1) Rivalry among existing firms
9.2) Potential of new entrants into industry
9.3) Power of suppliers
9.4) Power of buyer
9.4) Threat of substitute products
10) Macro-environmental – PESTAL analysis
10.1) Political and legal environment
10.2) Economies environment
10.3) Social & Cultural environment
10.4) Technological environment
10.5) Extreme Events
11) SWOT analysis
11.1) Internal factory – Strength / Weakness
11.2) external factory – Opportunities / Threats
12) Competitor analysis
12.1) Competitive Profile
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5) Key to Success

Year 2010 – First store located in Kwai Chung Plaza
Year 2012 – 759 STORE branches exceeded 53 store than Okashiland
Year 2013 Apr – Branch increased to 143 stores in Hong Kong
Year 2013 Aug – First mini-supermarket located in Sai Wan Ho
Year 2013 Sept – Branch increased to 152 stores in Hong Kong
Year 2013 Dec – Branch increased to 171 stores in Hong Kong, trial store for snack for Pets, household and personal care.

6) Company Summary

759 STORE established in July 2010, is the retail business of the Group that was set up with reference to the consumer culture of living areas in Japan. It mainly sells snacks, beverages, food and other packaged food imported from Japan and other regions of the world. In the year, 759 STORE gradually introduced characteristic domestic goods including kitchen supplies and household goods mainly from Japan. Running with high inventory turnover rate, 759 STORE aimed to give desirable service to vast local Hong Kong residents, providing a relaxing shopping environment with wide range of products for our customers to choose.

7) Company Ownership

Executive Directors
Mr. Lam Wai Chun (Chairman and Managing Director) 70.89%
Ms. Tang Fung Kwan 0.63%
Ms. Li Hong 0.08%
Mr. Ho Man Lee 0.0045%
Mr. Au Son Yiu 0.56%
Dr. Tang Tin Sek 0.62%

8) Management Summary

Mr. Lam Wai Chun found the Group in 1979 and has over 42 years of experience in the coils