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EasyJet, a well-known the Best Low Cost airline company which travel thought out the whole

European, using the “no frills” strategy since they are launched in 1995 and has continually

focused on growth. The continually success they achieved resulted in Easyjet expanding

their low cost goal to that of becoming the most recognized and respected airline brand in

By the way of this example, this essay will focuses on using different analysis tools to

analysis the External Environment, strengths and Weaknesses within the Company. By

using the Porter’s Five Forces analysis, the whole industry and competitor will be assessed.

It also analysis the effect and the possibility of the future merge or acquisition to develop

the Easyjet as the biggest low cost airline in European. A simple review will be done that

evaluate that Easyjet is pecfectly allocate their resources and if Easyjet faulty allocation the

resources, problems that Easyjet need to face will be explained though this eassy.

In the marketing background, Using the Ansoff growth vector matrix will evaluate the four

different combinations Marketing Tactics of easyjet’s products and market, by using the

diversification strategy, an evaluation will be generate which focus on future product and

At the end, a general overview will be created and It will explain how easyjet’s strategy

meets the needs of its customers and personal recommendations will be included based on

and supported by my analysis in the following.

Importance of Mission Statement of Easyjet

A mission statement is how a company, an organization, a corporate or a person

explain the reason of its existence to the public that include the customers ,employees,

shareholders or potential investors. A successful business has to have a clear and wide

vision mission statement showing its core value in order to ensure the public to choose

your company and to realise the importance of the existence of the company.

Easyjet is broadly known by its web based low costs flights to Europe. The mission

statement of Easyjet is to provide a simple and affordable travel option for customer

in all levels. They delivery point to point air travelling service which is not only low cost

but with operational efficiency and quality in service as well as providing a safe travel

experience. Several measurements were done to achieve that. They reduce the cost

by reduce cost of distribution, not offering complementary products, efficiently utilise all

means resources. they develop their people in order to provide service with respect to

customer insight(Easyjet Plc, 2012).

By taking advantage of the online market, all facilities become more accessible by

customer. they can order the ticket, checking in, receiving the tickets through email.

This reduces a lot of labour and material costs as most procedure was done by the

No complimentary food will be provided on broad where flights are short-haul, it is not

necessarily to provide food or it may go wastage. If food is needed snacks or beverage

can be purchased. Pre- assigned seats, interline connections and cargo services can be

provide upon request with extra cost. These measurements hugely cut of unnecessary

cost which contribute to the final cost of the flight tickets.

Low costing effect can also achieve by smartly utilise the resources. such as quick

turnaround time allowing the aircraft to be used intensively eg. Aircraft can fly more

times in a day, resulting low cost of unit. Landing charges by airports are also reducing.

Safety is the first priority of Easyjet. ‘All reported safety-related incidents are assessed

and categorised, with risk values assigned and aggregated to form our Composite Risk

Value (CRV) index.’(Easyjet, 2012) This means they take it very seriously to achieve a

perfect safe journey