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Teens Problem with Social Control

Teens Problem with Social Control There is no shortage of teen aged disobedience today. Teens push the limits of boundaries and laws that are set by their parents, teachers, government, and the list goes on. In the second decade in their life teens grow far more than at any other time, yet the teen aged years are full of rebellion and risk. I do not believe that all disobedience has to do with neglect from the teen. There are some instances where the lack of responsibility on the authority leads to teens making bad choices. What are the ways teens deviate from social control in the US? Teens defect from social control by using violence. Teens that lash out and use violence are usually ostracized by those who conform to the norms of society. A child that is criticized for who they are will often seclude themselves from interaction. After that they start to hate the people that bully them. Once the distain grows they start to become numb and angry at everyone. Now thinking “the world” is against them they feel cornered and lash out in a violent manner. Sometimes they go so far as shooting their bullies and then killing themselves. Although this is an extreme form of social control it is common for teens to unknowingly make fun of or badger other teens simply because they do not adhere to social norms. Other teens form groups or gangs to protect themselves from having to conform to social control. Inner city kids often join gangs for protection from the harsh living they have to endure. Once that lifestyle becomes normal for them they protect it with their life. Whatever impedes on their lifestyle usually meets the business end of a weapon. People who impose control think of these kids as degenerates or untouchables. There are entire units of police forces to combat gangs like this. I do not believe it is entirely there fault. Personally I have seen this type of violence due to bullying. It starts off as a joke and once the bully knows that it makes the victim mad they will be relentless in their pursuit to make that person unhappy. Before the recent attacks at schools due to bullying I have seen kids go to an authority figure and voice their complaints about a person bullying them. It would have been shrugged off and life would have continued. This is the reason bullying is allowed to continue and why teens often push against social rules. Another way teens bend the rules is to have sex. Teens say that one reason they have sex is due to peer pressure. They have an understanding that everyone is doing it so it’s ok. Some teens are curious about the other sex. Universally however is the lack of knowledge teens have about sex and its consequences. Teens that have sex and conceive a child have to fight another aspect of social normality. On top of being sexually active at an early age, they have the stigma of being promiscuous and immature. Females deal with this more than males. As the new generation continues to con into sexual maturity they are breaking the rules of sexual interaction. From having multiple partners to causally performing oral sex with what the older generation would seemingly call a stranger the new generation breaks the rules of normal behavior and disobeys social control. Researchers say the media plays a big role in the rise of teens having sex. The fact that they have the world at their fingertips, in the internet, does not help parents or older generations control what teens watch or read. I was a teen not too long ago and teens today are out of control when it comes to sex. I was a quite person in school, so I heard a lot of stories that I dare not repeat. The stories that I heard shocked even me. Teens are acting like adults and having one spouse after another, all of which they had slept with. The reason they do this is they see it on television and hear is from outside sources. Couple that with parents that do not keep an eye on