Soccer: Association Football and Sacred Heart Essay

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The writer’s freshman year of high school was a new, but difficult experience. He found that transitioning from a small grade school to a much larger high school was terrifying because he did not know anyone. That’s when he decided to try out for the soccer team both to play because he loved the sport, and also to meet new friends. The writer knew it would be difficult and tough, but was willing to accept the challenge. Through hard work, dedication, and encouragement, he managed to make the varsity squad his freshman year. It was the end of the summer, which meant preseason was near. Before he knew it, the writer found himself at the first practice with a brand new team around him. The first week was brutal. Players were quitting in vast numbers due to lack of fitness, but the writer managed to stay. One practice, the writer’s coach called him up from junior varsity, to practice with the varsity squad, and told him to give it his all. So, he did just that. The writer impressed the varsity squad and the coaching staff in such a way that they assigned him a permanent spot on the squad. If he hadn’t tried his hardest that day, then he wouldn’t have made varsity, but because he wanted to prove himself, he managed to exceed his goals as a freshman. A couple of weeks have passed and the writer has made several friends. He actually enjoyed going to school, but mainly due to the fact that he looked forward to playing soccer afterwards. Although he made varsity, he rarely started due to all of the talented players ahead of him. Until this one game, the Sacred Heart lions were tied to a team at half time and their coach was furious. Their coach eventually decided to start the writer in the second half. It turned out to be a great decision because he played the game winning pass to their striker, Matt Becket, who managed to put the ball in the back of the net. The writer’s coach was overwhelmed with excitement. The Sacred Heart lions were celebrating for hours. From that moment on, he started more games and played an enormous amount of time. Sacred Heart was coming towards the end of the season, which meant playoffs were