Social Changes In Canada Essay

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In the 60s and 70s many social changes were made in Canada. The baby boomers played a huge part in this. A “Youthquake” occurred and the womens movement helped to improve womens social status and values.

Four men in a musical group started this “Youthquake”, they introduced new pop culture and inspired many young adults. New clothing choices were made and very different hair styles were discovered during this quake. These adults were experimenting with drugs and trying to get out of the mainstream culture. They made signs saying “Make love not war” as well as “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. This group of people were known as “hippies” and they did not like the idea of conflicts. Most of them protested against wars and became involved in Women,
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Women were told to take over their jobs while they were gone, once the men got back the women were sent back home to take care of the house and the children. This made the women feel like they had more potential than to just be housekeepers. Few of the women were able to keep their low paying jobs like hair dressing, waitressing, and retail sales. Their bosses were able to give them low wages and few benefits because they were women. Betty Friedan wrote a best selling book about women and how they should be treated the same as men and be able to work outside of the house. This book helped many women and encouraged them to stand up for their rights, in 1967 Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s Government set up The Royal Commision on the status of women. The recommendations included; women should have the right to work outside of their homes, there should be day care centers for children, women should get a paid maternity leave from their jobs and finally the federal government should do everything they can to help minimize the discrimination against women. All of these suggestions were in act and the women were treated fairly from then to