Social Group Analysis In Social Work

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I chose to do my social group analysis over my co-workers at a fast food restaurant. I analyzed them majority from the end of February though the middle of April during lent. It was very interesting to see the social group and how it helped me get to know those even more, who I have known for years. You really do learn something new every day. Working in fast food you distinguish various people of different ages and purposes. You have those who are still in high school who need a part-time job for the reason of their parents. Those who are in college who need cash to help pay for schooling and expenses. Those who are looking for something simple. And those who never want to leave, because the job is so easy. I’ve been working at this job for a little over 5 years. I’ve witnessed numerous workers come and leave; several workers with different personalities and social interactions with each other and with customers.
Within the work place, you have cashiers, cooks, team leaders, and the managers. The first thing I noticed was the social roles; “a theory of gender development that acknowledges that there are physical differences between the sexes that, historically, led men and women to perform different
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I came to find out that a few of them has self-serving bias when it came to successes and failures. This means to take credit for our successes and to deny responsibility for our failures when we make attributions about our own behavior” (435). A lot of the workers would take pride in their work when they were complimented by a manager, or a customer, as opposed to when something was not done correctly or they failed to remember to put a side dish in a customer’s bag that was take-out. A lot of the workers would refute accountability and blame it on another worker or sometimes the customer for “not paying attention.” This surprised me more than any concept that I observed at my