Social Inequality Essay

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Celine Briggs, Tamari Fernandes,
Kylie Nee, Yolanda Lynn
Mr. Dever
Social Inequalities We live in a world where not everyone has the freedom to do as they wish. Many people live in fear of being who they are because of the consequences they might face. Social inequality is a major issue in today’s world. It is the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions within a group/society. Some popular factors of social inequalities are gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, age discrimination, immigration, income and health, health and mental health and education.
Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender.
Gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development. Women have made major efforts since 1990, however have not yet fully gained gender equality. There are many places around the world where women are forbidden to do certain things, because of they are a woman. Although there have been numerous protests, women are forbidden to drive in Saudi
Arabia, and must reply on their fathers or husbands to get from place to place. In other countries such as South Asia and Sub­Saharan Africa, young women are forced to get married by the age of 18.
Sexual orientation is a significant source of social inequality. Most social institutes are against and do not support homosexuals. In some states engaging in homosexual conduct is a crime. Same­marriages are not legal in 13 states.
Racial inequality is still alive and well. Being of color is a difficult task if you live in
America. You have to be prepared for discrimination. In educational and career fields, you more than likely come second to someone who is white. Unarmed black teenagers and men are killed so often to the point it is disturbing. Along with that, justice is never served.
Mental illness is brushed off the shoulders of many Americans. It is not viewed as life threatening or important. In fact it is life threatening and can take a toll on ones life. Physical health is viewed as real and serious in almost every situation. People who are mentally ill are viewed as self absorbed and/or weak