Social Inequality In The Wire

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In this episode of The Wire Kima is brought to the hospital after being shot while undercover. The police thought it would be a good idea to show the gang they are in charge so they busted every drug house they knew about. McNulty thought this would ruin the investigation if the gang found out they police have been watching them. The drug busts and Kima being shot became more of a political matter rather then focusing on the crime Little Man was the one who carried out the hit on Orlando and Kima. After Avon Barksdale finds out Kima was a cop he sends Wee-Bey after him. D’Angelo thought that Avon was going to have Wee-Bey kill him instead. The consequences within the gang are much higher if they mess up a crime. Chapter 11 in Social Inequality Forms, Causes, and Consequences discusses the impact of inequality on life chances. The chapter focuses on physical health and mental health. People in poverty do not have equal opportunities to health care. People of different races are not treated equally when it comes to physical and mental diagnoses. Chapter 12 discusses social consequences of inequality. It directly discusses inequality in race, gender …show more content…
Overall, race is a factor in the way people look at you physically, mentally or who you are as a person. Blacks often get more severe crime sentencing due to the color of their skin. They also deal with not have equally treatment in medical facilities. The police unit does not have to face as many consequences because the majority of them are white. They have easier accesses to mental and physical health coverage. The social consequences of inequality are why the gang is always in conflict with someone or something. They are putting themselves in positions that have consequences as well as the people around them who are not involved. The gang brings a negative view to the people who live in the same