Social Media Get You In Trouble Analysis

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Social Media Can Get You in Trouble
Have you ever used any form of social media, such as Facebook MySpace, or Twitter? If so, I am sure you have posted all sorts of photos and updates on your life. Have any of them gotten you into as much trouble as Stacey Snyder? She lost her future because of what some may say “one photo” that was perceived in a negative view by her superiors.
In the article "Social Network Profile Costs Woman College Degree" by Sarah Perez, a student was denied her Bachelor’s degree in Education because of a photo posted to her MySpace page of her consuming an alcoholic beverage. It was also stated that she made a comment under the photo that was presumed as a negative remark toward her cooperative teacher at the high school in which she attended for her student teaching credit needed in order to graduate (Perez, 501). According to the university president, the photo was not the only deciding factor that led to the decision of her degree being denied (Perez, 501).
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According to Perez’s article, the photo was the tip of the iceberg for Stacy. The high school that she was a student teacher for sent in her evaluation for her required credit to graduate, but it was not all good news (Perez, 501). Stacy was rated as highly unprofessional with her students and did not show the proper knowledge of the course that she was to be teaching (Perez, 501). She was also told not to share her social media with her students, but she did so against the warning and was seen as promoting underage drinking to her students (Perez, 501). These are the most important reasons as to why I think that the university reacted the way that they