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aim: how was the roman republic governed?
I. rise of roman republic
a. rome was founded in 753 b.c. by Romulus. It became a republic after the overthrow off the Etruscans in 509 B.C.
b. republic: form of representative democracy
-elect representatives to serve in the government
-elect people to vote on laws
***How is this different from the form of government in Athens?***
II. roman society
-society was divided - different groups struggled for power
- aristocrats
-controlled most of the land
-dominate government
-wealthy upperclass
-normal people
-craftsman, farmers.
-full citizens
-can vote
-most people
-cannot run for government
-smaller land owners
-cannot marry patricians
III. rise of the roman government
a. establishment of twelve tables (451 BC)
-first written code of laws in roman history
-hung up in the forum- center of roman politics
***Why is the Twelve Tables a victory for the plebeians?***
aim: how did the roman republic expand its power throughout Italy and the Mediterranean (500s - 200s BC)
I. rome built a mighty and well-trained military
a. consisted of citizen soldiers who fought without pay and supplied their own weapons. all males were required to serve in the army (and no one could hold public office until he had served ten years as a soldier)
***What do you think was the purpose of this rule?***
b. the basic military unit was the legion
-each legion was made up of roughly 5000 heavily armed foot soldiers = infantry