Social Work Field Experience Assignment

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Field experience: Select one key experience with a client, client group, community, agency, supervisor, other field students, or staff. Describe what happened and your role(s) in the situation e.g. (mediator, planner, enabler, observer, counselor, manager, broker/advocate, facilitator, catalyst, activist, teacher, trainer, mentor, outreach worker, or researcher).
This week was a been a slow week at DHR. There was not a lot to observe or participate in. However, we did get the opportunity to go over some of our orientation checklist, and we got to sit in on a ASEA (Alabama State Employment Association) quarterly meeting this week. The meeting consisted of discussion about finances from the previous quarter, and talk of a fundraiser that they are
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For some of the employees the social work value of integrity was applied in this situation. The employees that did not pay or have not been paying their dues, but continue to wear jeans, they are showing integrity in this situation.

Relevant Factors: Include assessment information gathered that helped you understand the situation or plan your intervention. What individual, family, community, social, cultural, spiritual, medical, physical, psychological, and/or mental health factors influenced the situation. Briefly describe any of the following factors that are relevant: economic, environmental, discrimination, or oppression. What strengths and needs were identified? What additional information is needed? Integration of Theory & Practice: What have you learned in your courses that helped you understand the situation or plan your intervention? Did you apply a theory or intervention? Consult textbooks, journal articles, and/or instructors and provide citation of materials referenced.

the environment would be a factor in this situation. The office promoted an open environment, which is conducive for open conversation and active