Sociological Response Essay

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For many of my participants, there were clear links in the way they understood gender, performed gender and the process of major choice. Many of the women who reported to have been aware of gender from an early age because of their family members said to have thought about the demographic makeup of their field or major. Violet a caucasian woman and straight woman spoke about knowing that she was good at science and mathematics from an early age. Even though she did not major in any science or mathematics, she continued taking science and mathematics classes. She majors in film and human rights which allows her to study and promote the presence of women in films and their portrayals in non stereotypical ways. However even as a film major, Violet thinks of the way her gender may …show more content…
She also spoke about learning about gender more while in school. She now majors in sociology which is mostly made up of women at Brad College. However, before, deciding to major in sociology, she considered political science but was very uncomfortable within the class partly because of her gender. While Danielle`s choice to leave political science for a major with predominantly women may be seen by some as self segregating (Maria Charles 2009), Danielle spoke about her major as a choice that was based her reflection on the causes that she cared about and the means through which she wanted to make an impact on the world. For Danielle, choosing to stick gender conforming major was not as a result of her thinking of major choice in a gendered way but a result of her desire to change the world by majoring in sociology, which happens to be a major dominated by women in her school. Furthermore, although Danielle was aware of gender in the process of choosing major, Danielle`s understanding of her educational and occupational opportunities were not in a gendered