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Female power women in the workforce; women has beginning to have equal social status and autonomy as men. However, many issues rustle to the working women in our society.

If we look back from the past 50 years, we can see that the level of empowerment of women has become higher and the social value of women’s role has changed comparing to the past. The iron lady, Margaret Thatcher, as we all know has been a well-known woman in United Kingdom’s history. Although she has been criticised for many years, she has changed many women’s value and perception towards the role of men and women. This essay will discuss what factors that make women perform better than men, and how do women stand out of the crowd in the working place. Also some following problems appear when women are in the working place, such as parenting education, family relation alienation and increase the number of single mother.

Looking into women job in the past, in the society ideology women has positioned in householder, mother and nurturer of children. During to the Second World War the number of women entered the workforce has rapid growth. According to America Experience said after the war women proved that they can do the job as men do. Also due to the economic had growth, many middle-class families wanted extra income, because the finances not matching up to lifestyle which are the families wanted, rustle to the finances many women entered the workforce for afford they desired and have more good life quality .

Yet women in working place status getting higher, many women are still treated differently. Women in working place has more expansion than men, caused to women has different characteristics, the distinctive quality like patient, empathy and better comprehension in career as stated by Glenn Llopis (2011). Nowadays, the economic world become advancement, women comprehend more odds to show their skills in different career. The U.S. Department of Labor (2010) reported the proportion of employed women in the United States, around 41% women worked in management, professional, and related services; 32 % worked in sales and office jobs; 21 % in public services; 5 % in production, transportation, and material moving occupations; other 1 % in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations. As the number of employed women, shows to women are good in some specialized vocational, for example services occupations, comparative to men and women in services occupations, women has more good communication skills and correspondence capability rather than men. Follow to the rustle, lots employment seek female employees doing Management, business trade, Planning Design.

Women in workforce have been increased in the past 50 years, it seen to be the trend in modem world. Women prefer higher education and working outside than be a housewife, but some following issues have gradually come to our society, the society problem seems to be connect with women in the workforce. The survey by Time ideas (2013) researchers Wendy Wang, Kim Parker and Paul Taylor found some new information about in American society, the masses thinking of the moneymaking mothers, and that a majority of people appear to disapprove of them: 74% of adults say that the increasing number of mothers working for pay has made it harder to