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The first point that describes what is sociology is human behaviors. For example in the article it said “He will naturally be interested in the events that engage men’s ultimate beliefs, their movements of tragedy and grandeur and ecstasy. But he will also be fascinated by the commonplace, the everyday”. This demonstrates that sociologists care about what people do and why they do it and what they were thinking. For instance if a man killed someone a sociologist would wonder why did he do it and what was he thinking when he killed the other person. The second point that describes what sociology is human interaction. For example in the article it said “He will be interested in…the relations between people employed in restaurant or between a group of little girls playing with their dolls”. This shows that sociologists are interested in how people socialize with each other from children playing to adults having conversations. For instance if there was a group of girls at a park a sociologist would wonder what are they doing here and what are their relationships with each other. The third point that describes what sociology is history. For example in the article it said “The sociologist may be interested in many other things. But his consuming interest remains in the world of men, their institutions, their history, their passions. And since he is interested in men, nothing that men do can be altogether tedious for him”. This shows that sociologist care about how humans have changed, what their passions are, and many other things related to humans. For example a sociologist might wonder why people from the past dressed differently than people today. One personality trait that a sociologist should have is curiosity. In the article it said “People who feel no temptation before closed doors, who have no curiosity about human beings, who are content to admire scenery without wondering about the people who live in those houses on the other side of the river, should probably stay away from sociology”. This shows curiosity is a very important trait that all sociologist need to have. Sociology is all about human beings and how they interact with each others. If that doesn’t cause you to have questions and want answers than sociology is not for you. For example sociologists like to ask lots of question like what are people doing here, what are their relations with one another, and what do people have in common. Another personality trait