Sociology: General Education Essay

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Wandymar Diaz
EDU 304 Introduction to Education

Week 3 - Assignment

* Define inclusion * Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this educational approach * Address the requirement for improved performance of students with disabilities under the No Child Left Behind Act * Discuss the controversy regarding the practice of inclusion
Inclusion involves a commitment to educate students with disabilities in the general education classroom for the entire school day. There are two types on inclusion there is the full inclusion and the partial inclusion. Full inclusion basically means that any special services or need that the student requires is brought to the inclusion classroom for them and partial inclusion means that the student spends half the day in a regular classroom and half the time in an inclusion classroom. There are their advantages and disadvantages to an inclusion classroom. An advantage is that the special education students get to interact with general education students in a regular class which can be beneficial for both students because the general education students working with the special education student will understand to like others no matter their difference and the special education student can learn many things from the general education students. One disadvantage is the fact that parents worry that their general education student is not getting the attention needed because of the special education students in the classroom that might require a bit more attention from the teacher. I consider that it is very beneficial for both students to get to interact with each other and learn from each other. As well as the general education student can work in groups and help teach the special education student. Under the No Child Left Behind Act it is understood that students with disabilities should be educated with children